February 09, 2010


So I've been stuck at my apartment since Friday thanks to a seemingly endless barrage of snow. The blizzard of 2010 dumped 26 inches where I am, though nearby counties reported over 32 inches! The entire area shutdown as plows attempted to clear roads and electrical lineman attempted to restore power to some 112,000 people. 

And just when things are starting to be under control -- primary and most secondary roads have at least had 1 pass; 6,000 people still without power -- another storm is coming. The news reporters cheerily tell me I could see another 8 to 10 inches of snow. And, if that isn't bad enough, the winds tomorrow will be around 35 mph, so whiteout conditions and drifting are expected. Omigod! I've cleaned everything I can think of from sinks to toilets to furniture to carpet to light fixtures. I've written letters and watched movies. What else is there to do? 

Snowmageddon is here and refuses to leave!! Someone please save me from this wintery hell. 

I hear Hawaii is nice this time of year ....