July 30, 2010

The perils of dressing cute

I've been attempted to update my wardrobe the last few months. I think I realized how dim it was during Snowmageddon, when I was stuck at the apartment for a week straight and felt the need to re-organize and clean things I normally don't even think about. [Like those things you stick to the shower floor to help provide traction. Yeah, I thoroughly cleaned those.] It was on day 5 that I fully accepted the fact that (1) I have way more Tshirts than any one person should have and (2) the majority of them were freebies. So I've been buying more varied (i.e. non-Tshirt) clothing.

But this branching out into fashion has caused me to run into a dilemma. How do I balance my desire to look cute/sexy/young/hip with the increased, unwanted attention from creepy people? There are certain people I work (indirectly) with that I don't want gawking at me. It gives me the willies. And it certainly isn't polite to flip them off when their eyes linger. I guess the obvious solution is to put on an over-sized sweatshirt when I get to work ... or shut my door.