June 07, 2010

Update: suntanning, lottery, and the oil spill

How quickly spring turns into summer! The weather here has been hot (high 80's) and humid for a couple weeks now. While that has been miserable when manual labor is involved, I have enjoyed the balmy mornings and weekends spent suntanning on my balcony. In undergrad, I used to go to a tanning salon, but that was necessitated more by the Midwest weather than anything else. I enjoy tanning on my balcony much more. I enjoy being able to read a book while increasing my melanin production.

In other news, I'm disappointed that 1 person in Ohio won the $260 million lottery. I know it is ridiculous to expect to win -- the odds of that are astronomical -- but the fact that someone wins is enough to pull me in. I only purchase a ticket when the jackpot is high, but my lack of luck doesn't let me even win back my investment. Maybe someday ....

And why hasn't BP been penalized more for its terrible safety record? Some 760 violations just in the last 3-4 years! [Exxon, in comparison, has 1.] Should we be surprised that a company which values profits over all else is responsible for the greatest oil disaster in our lifetime? No, I think not.