December 09, 2011

How do some people get their licenses?

I was driving to work last week and got behind a car that was going 45 mph on a 55 mph highway. I couldn't believe it! I pointed out the speed limit signs that we passed, which clearly showed 55 mph, but when the person showed no signs of increasing speed, I gave up. Then we reached an area where the speed dropped to 45 mph, so at least the car was now obeying the law and not being rude to other drivers. Then, we approached the city limits, and the speed dropped down to 30 mph, but this car didn't brake or slow down. So apparently this driver wanted to go 45 mph no matter what the speed limit was or where he was. Jerk!

Then again, I've witnessed people trying to turn left onto a busy divided highway from a stop sign when there's a traffic light providing access to the same highway just a few hundred feet away. It is as if people refuse to view all the options and choose the best one, but rather take the most arbitrary path with disregard for anyone else involved.